You should choose us because…

Delivery within 24h

After your order confirmation, typically we will deliver your pallets within 24h (if in stock). Please feel free to ask us for a quote.

Security of Pallet supply

We place the utmost importance upon the security of supply! The goal is to reduce supply chain risk, both in the short term and long term.  We provide solutions for most supply scenarios.  Forward planning is essential to ensure the security of supply; this includes the risk analysis of markets, extension of the supply chain, and the establishment and maintenance of a safety stock, thereby ensuring the predictability of supply and demand.

Official EPAL licensed repairer

The Pallet Solution Ltd. is member of international association of licensed repairers of EPAL pallets.

15 years experience

Our company has been engaged in the manufacture and trade of pallets for 15 years. Pallet Solutions Ltd operates from both Budapest and countryside warehouses, we also have a manufacturing base. Pallet Solution Ltd’s products include timber pallets and collars of various sizes (Standard, Customized, Euro pallets, Fumigated pallets, Large and small size pallets). We also deliver plastic pallets to meet all shipping requirements in various sizes and configurations.

Complete pallet logistics

We provide service to our customers through a network of warehouses in Hungary and we take pride in our customer service and timely delivery of pallets and services.  We go above and beyond to maintain great relationships with all our clients, with no order being too big or too small.

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