Dusseldorf pallet

Condition: New and Used
Size: 800 x 600 mm
Height: 160 mm
Loading capacity: 600 kg


– Made of Noble Poplar or Spruce
– Can be lifted from four sides
– Kiln-dried
– Heat Treated (ISPM 15)

Dusseldorf pallets are ideal for transportation of consumer goods in FMCG sector, especially in small grocery stores and bars handling products in a narrow space. These pallets can be used repeatedly. The Dusseldorf pallet can be lifted from all four sides. It made of soft and hardwood boards, plastic distance cylinders, T-squares and steel rivets. It corresponds with almost all applications in European distribution and logistics.

Dusseldorf pallet
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Dusseldorf pallet

800 × 600 × 160 mm
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