Pallet collar

Condition: New and Used
Height of collar: 100-400 mm
Standard size: 800×1200
Material: pipewood

Pallet Solution Ltd. introduces Pallet Collar packaging system as an innovation in materials handling.

Pallet Collars are ideally suited to permanent storage for warehouse racking applications. Just place one pallet collar over a standard Euro pallet (1200×800) and you have a protective surround to store product safely at height.

Pallet Collars will collapse down for storage when not in use to a ratio of 12:1 consequently reducing storage costs. They are reusable over an extended period of time which saves packaging costs as well as the environment.

Pallet Collars can be customized to suit your requirements, just contact us to discuss your needs.

Pallet collar
Image Type Size Quotation

New pallet collar

800 × 1200 × 200 mm

Used pallet collar

800 × 1200 × 200 mm

Used dark pallet collar

800 × 1200 × 200 mm
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